Hyundai Sonata: ESP(Electronic Stability Program) System / Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Repair procedures

Raise the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported.
Remove the wheel cap(A).

Be careful not to damage to the wheel cap(A) when removing the it.
Remove the front wheel and tire (A) from front hub.

Tightening torque:
88.2 ~ 107.8 N.m (9.0 ~ 11.0 kgf.m, 65.0 ~ 79.5 lb-ft)

Be careful not to damage to the hub bolts when removing the front wheel and tire (A).
Remove the rear wheel speed sensor from the hub assembly.

Loosen the wheel speed sensor cable bracket nut(A), bolt(B) and then remove the cable.

Tightening torque:
A : 6.8 ~ 10.7 N.m (0.7 ~ 1.1 kgf.m, 5.0 ~ 7.9 lb-ft)
B : 8.8 ~ 13.7 N.m (0.9 ~ 1.4 kgf.m, 6.5 ~ 10.1 lb-ft)

Remove the rear seat back.
(Refer to Body - "Seat & Power Seat")
Disconnect the connector then remove the rear wheel speed sensor.
Measure the output voltage between the terminal of the wheel speed sensor and the body ground.
In order to protect the wheel speed sensor, when measuring output voltage, a 100 ? resister must be used as shown.

Compare the change of the output voltage of the wheel speed sensor to the normal change of the output voltage as shown below.

V_low : 0.59V ~ 0.84V
V_high : 1.18V ~ 1.68V
Frequency range : 1 ~ 2,500Hz

Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Components and Components Location
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Body (Interior and Exterior)

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