Hyundai Sonata: Light Bulbs / High Mounted Stop Lamp

1. Remove the rear seat cushion assembly.

2. Remove the rear seat back assembly.

3. Slightly remove the rear door weather-strip.

4. Remove the rear door scuff trim.

5. Remove the rear pillar trim.

6. Remove the rear seat belt lower anchor.

7. Remove the rear package tray trim.

8. Remove the high mounted stop lamp after disengaging the mounting clip.

9. Install a new LED lamp.

Rear Combination Light Bulb Replacement
(1) Stop/Tail lamp (2) Turn signal lamp (3) Tail lamp (4) Back-up lamp (5) Rear side marker (LED) (if equipped) Stop/Tail lamp and Turn signal lamp (Bulb type) 1. Open the trunk lid. 2. Remove the s ...

License Plate Light Bulb Replacement
1. Loosen the lens retaining screws with a philips head screwdriver. 2. Remove the lens. 3. Remove the bulb by pulling it straight out. 4. Install a new bulb. 5. Reinstall the lens securely with the ...

Other information:

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