Hyundai Sonata: Lighting System / Head Lamps Description and Operation

HID Head Lamp
Xenon gas : Xenon gas activates the initial reaction for rapid illuminating.
Molybdenum electrode: anode arcing
Metal halide salts: color composing component
Lightening principle
When Xenon gas and metal halide salt will discharge the molybdenum anode in a capsule, it emits light.
Ignitor (A) is an electromagnetic transformer that receives current from ballast and boost voltage to light on the arc light source in any environment.

Ballast (A) delivers an instant high voltage pulse to the ignitor electrode, to initialize discharge in the source.
Ballast supplies the stable power to the bulb and the ignitor during initialization and normal state of arc.

A headlamp with integrated functions of high and low beam.
The light is controlled by rotating the shield inserted to the lens (A solenoid is adopted)

Structure and mechanism
Case of working as a low beam
: The light illuminates to the restricted area of low beam by blocking the light with the stopped shield.

Case of working as a high beam
: The light is not blocked by the open shield and the light illuminates to the area of high beam.

High Beam Assist (HBA)
Definition : High Beam Assist System is a convenience system that automatically switches the head lamp from high to low.
It uses the LDWS Unit (camera embedded) mounted on front windshield to detect the lamp of on-coming vehicle or the vehicle in front, as well as illumination intensity of surrounding environment, and automatically controls the head lamp to high or low.
Activation Conditions
Light Switch at "AUTO", High Beam ON (push).
HBA activates when the vehicle speed exceeds 40km/h (28mph).
If the light switch is push while HBA system is active and high beam is OFF, then HBA system is turned OFF and high beam is ON.
HBA Deactivation Conditions
When detecting head lamp light from on-coming and preceding vehicle.
When surrounding environment is bright enough and doesn't require high beam.
When there is street lamp or other light in front.
When vehicle speed is reduced to below 35km/h (18mph).
Head Lamps Components and Components Location
Components 1. High beam bulb2. Low beam bulb3. Turn signal lamp / Side marker lamp4. Dust cap 1. HID low beam/high beam bulb (Bi-Function)2. HID bracket3. Turn signal lamp / Side marker lamp ...

Head Lamps Repair procedures
Inspection 1. Check the battery voltage. (Low beam will be on when the battery voltage above 9V.) 2. Check the fuse and relay. 3. Check the polarity of ballast. (If the polarity are change ...

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