Hyundai Sonata: Smart Cruise Control Speed / Smart Cruise Control Vehicleto- Vehicle Distance

To set Vehicle-to-Vehicle Distance

When the Smart Cruise Control System is ON, you can set and maintain the distance from the vehicle ahead of you without pressing the accelerator or brake pedal.

Each time the button is pressed, the vehicle to vehicle distance changes as follows:

For example, if you drive at 56 mph (90 km/h), the distance maintain as follows:

Distance 4 - approximately 172 feet (52.5 m)
Distance 3 - approximately 130 feet (40 m)
Distance 2 - approximately 106 feet (32.5 m)
Distance 1 - approximately 82 feet (25 m)


Distance 4 is always set when the system is used for the first time after starting the engine.

When the lane ahead is clear:

The vehicle speed will maintain the set speed.

When there is a vehicle ahead of you in your lane:


When using the Smart Cruise CAUTION Control System:


If the vehicle ahead (vehicle speed: less than 20 mph (30km/h)) disappears to the next lane, the warning chime will sound and a message will appear. Adjust your vehicle speed for vehicles or objects that can suddenly appear in front of you by depressing the brake pedal.

Always pay attention to the road condition ahead.

In traffic situation

In traffic, your vehicle will stop if the vehicle ahead of you stops. Also, if the vehicle ahead of you starts moving, your vehicle will start as well. However, if the vehicle stops for more than 3 seconds, you must depress the accelerator pedal or push up the toggle switch (RES+ or SET-) to start driving.

To turn Cruise Control off
Push the CRUISE button (the CRUISE indicator light will go off). ...

Radar to Detect Distance to the Vehicle Ahead
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