Hyundai Sonata: Driving your vehicle / Drive Mode Integrated Control System

Hyundai Sonata LF 2014-2019 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Drive Mode Integrated Control System

The drive mode may be selected according to the driver's preference or road condition.

The mode changes whenever the DRIVE MODE button is pressed.

• COMFORT mode :

COMFORT mode provides smooth and comfortable driving.

• SPORT mode :

SPORT mode provides sporty driving.

• ECO mode :

ECO mode improves fuel efficiency for eco-friendly driving.

• SMART mode :

SMART mode automatically adjusts the driving mode (ECO ↔ COMFORT ↔ SPORT) in accordance with the driver's driving habits.

The driving mode will be continuously maintained, as selected when the engine is restarted. However, except if it is in SPORT mode. SPORT mode will change to COMFORT mode, when the engine is restarted.

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