Hyundai Sonata: Driver assist system / Rear Parking Assist System

The Rear Parking Assist System assists the driver during reverse movement of the vehicle by chiming if any object is sensed within the distance of 50 inches (120 cm) behind the vehicle.

This system is a supplemental system that senses objects within the range and location of the sensors, it cannot detect objects in other areas where sensors are not installed.


Operation of the Rear Parking Assist System

Operating condition

Types of warning sound and indicator


To turn off the Rear Parking Assist System

Push the button to turn off the Rear Parking Assist System. The indicator light on the button will turn on.

Non-operational conditions of Parking Assist System

The Rear Parking Assist System may not operate normally when:

There is a possibility of the Rear Parking Assist System malfunction when:

Detecting range may decrease when:

The following objects may not be recognized by the sensor:


Sensor may not recognize objects less than 12 inches (30 cm) from the sensor, or it may sense an incorrect distance.


Do not push, scratch or strike the sensor with any hard objects that could damage the surface of the sensor. Sensor damage could occur.


Your new vehicle warranty does not cover any accidents or damage to the vehicle or injuries to its occupants related to a Rear Parking Assist System. Always drive safely and cautiously.

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