Hyundai Sonata: Interior features / Wireless Cellular Phone Charging System

There is a wireless cellular phone charging inside the front console.

The system is available when all doors are closed, and when the Engine Start/Stop button is in the ACC/ON position.

To charge a cellular phone

The wireless cellular phone charging system charges only the Qi-enabled cellular phones (). Read the label on the cellular phone accessory cover or visit your cellular phone manufacturer's website to check whether your cellular phone supports the Qi technology.

The wireless charging process starts when you put a Qi-enabled cellular phone on the wireless charging unit.

1. Remove other items, including the smart key, from the wireless charging unit. If not, the wireless charging process may be interrupted.

2. The indicator illuminates in orange during the charging process. The indicator color changes to green, when the charging process is completed.

3.You can turn ON or OFF the wireless charging function in the user settings mode on the instrument cluster. (For further information, refer to the "LCD Modes" in this chapter.)

Slightly change the cellular phone position, when the cellular phone is not being charged. Make sure that the indicator illuminates in orange. The indicator color may not change to green in accordance with the cellular phone type, even though the charging process is completed. The indicator blinks in orange for 10 seconds when there is a malfunction with the wireless charging system. In this case, temporarily stop the charging process, and re-attempt to wirelessly charge your cellular phone again.

The system warns you with a message on the LCD display when you do not take out the cellular phone from the wireless charging unit with the front door open and the Engine Start/Stop button in the OFF position.


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