Hyundai Sonata: Owner Maintenance / Owner Maintenance Schedule

When you stop for fuel:


Be careful when checking your engine coolant level when the engine is hot. This may result in coolant being blown out of the opening and cause serious burns and other injuries.

While operating your vehicle:

At least monthly:

At least twice a year:

At least once a year:

Owner Maintenance
WARNING Performing maintenance work on a vehicle can be dangerous. If you lack sufficient knowledge and experience or the proper tools and equipment to do the work, have it done by an authorized HYU ...

Scheduled Maintenance Services
Follow Normal Maintenance Schedule if the vehicle is usually operated where none of the following conditions apply. If any of the following conditions apply, you must follow the Maintenance Under Se ...

Other information:

Hyundai Sonata LF 2014-2019 Owners Manual: Radar to Detect Distance to the Vehicle Ahead
The Smart Cruise Control uses a radar to detect distance to the vehicle ahead. Radar check message If the radar or cover is dirty or obscured with foreign matter such as snow, this message will appear. In this case, the system may not function temporarily, but it does not indicate a malfunction ...

Hyundai Sonata LF 2014-2019 Service Manual: Steering Gear box Components and Components Location
Components [C-MDPS] 1. Steering gear box2. Stabilizer bar3. Sub frame4. Bellows5. Tie rod end6. Heat protect [R-MDPS] 1. Steering gaer box2. Stabilizer bar3. Sub frame4. Bellows5. Tie rod end6. Heat protect7. Motor8. ECU ...

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