Hyundai Sonata: Fuel Delivery System / Fuel Filter Repair procedures

Remove the fuel pump.
(Refer to Fuel Delivery System - "Fuel Pump")
Remove the fixing clip (A), and then disconnect the fuel tube (B).

Remove the fuel pressure regulator fixing clip (A).
Remove the fuel pressure regulator (B) from the fuel filter.

Release the fixing hook (A), and then remove the fuel filter (B).

Fuel Pump Repair procedures
Inspection [Fuel sender] 1. Turn the ignition switch OFF, and then remove battery (-) cable. 2. Remove the fuel pump assembly. 3. Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between termi ...

Fuel Pump Motor Repair procedures
Removal 1. Remove the fuel pump. (Refer to Fuel Delivery System - "Fuel Pump") 2. Disconnect the electric pump wiring connector (A), and the fuel sender connector (B). 3. Remove the rese ...

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