Hyundai Sonata: Heating and Air Conditioning / A/C MAX-Level (B, D)

The A/C MAX mode is used to cool the inside of the vehicle more quickly. Air flow is directed toward the upper body and face.

In this mode, the air conditioning and the recirculated air position will be selected automatically.

After the vehicle interior has cooled down initially, resume using normal A/C mode. Continuous use of A/C MAX mode is not recommended.

Mode selection
The mode selection button controls the direction of the air flow through the ventilation system. Air can be directed to the floor, dashboard outlets, or windshield. Five symbols are used to represe ...

Instrument panel vents
The outlet vents can be opened () or closed () separately using the thumbwheel. Also, you can adjust the direction of air delivered from these vents using the vent control lever as shown. ...

Other information:

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